Top 8 coffee recipes from around the world

Still, coffee a brilliant drink. The slightest deviation from the recipe, and voila: a completely new recipe is ready. And in many countries, not only the method of cooking, but also the supply is unique. Italian coffee shops serve espresso with lemon, and in Finland, Lapland cheese is first put in a cup, then coffee is poured. We assure you, these are not the most original ways. Not for nothing that we live in such a crazy world.

8. Denmark

Who would have thought that the Danes did not lag behind the Italians in terms of coffee consumption. It would seem that in a damp and cold Scandinavia it is more logical to warm up with tea, or schnapps. But no, they drink exactly coffee. They carry thermoses with them, they drink in coffee houses, although the prices there are inhuman – it’s better to drink at home. In a word, they are not much different from us. We also consume coffee in unbelievable quantities, drink everything from latte to espresso, and also have a bad understanding of this drink.

For some reason, traditional Danish coffee is coffee with rum, cloves and cinnamon called “Copenhagen”. None of the products is traditional, but if in your country, except for berries, meat and juniper, there is nothing, then why not assimilate exotic things?

– Freshly brewed black coffee – 250 ml;
– Dark rum – 50 ml;
– Brown sugar (to taste);
– Cinnamon – 2 sticks;
– Carnation;
– Marshmallow.

Preparation: I
must say, brewed coffee is not the way you can imagine, looking at the ingredients. First you need to brew coffee (you can in Turku, or anywhere), then pour it into the pan, where to add rum, spices and sugar. Mix the resulting slush and let it brew. Then put on the fire. Bring coffee to a boil (yes, once again) and immediately remove from heat.

Allow it to cool and brew properly, then heat it to the required temperature. It remains to pour the drink into the container available in the side, fill it with marshmallow and dream of Danish citizenship.

But I must admit that much more popular among the descendants of the Vikings is coffee with ice cream and Irish coffee (the recipe can be found here). Apparently, the genetic memory of the times when the Scandinavians mocked the Emerald Isle, makes itself felt.